The island of Inisrath was formed towards the end of the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago. The island went through continuous change of ownership for about 30 years, where a family would buy, own for 3 – 8 years and then sell on again. And then the island that originally was the property of Lord Erne came into the hands of Lord Krishna! ISKCON NI, the Hare Krishna Society, purchased the island in November 1984, and converted the House to a temple and ashram which was formally opened as such on July 20th 1986.

The 22-acre property, originally called Inis Rath, is ISKCON’s only temple on its own island. Radha Govinda and Nitai Sacinandana are the presiding deities of Inis Rath Island also known as Krishna Island or Govindadvipa. There’s nowhere like Govindadvipa. Located on the waters of Upper Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, resplendent with emerald green foliage in the summer and often shrouded in mists during the winter, it’s perfect for spiritual reflection and growth.

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